Carved Mahogany W001

Carved Elm W003

Zebra Wood W002

Reclaimed Burned Wood W004

Reclaimed Wood W005

Maple wood W007

black walnut W009

Acacia Wood W006

Flame Mahogany W008


goncalo alves W011

Sapelle W013

Pommele Sapele Wood W015

Dark Walnut W012

Burnished Oak W016

Dark Cherry wood W014

Red Cedar W017

Teak W018


Master Fabrication Studio creates exquisite wood fabrications for your projects. Whether you desire to create hand carved wooden tables, wood panels or a complete set of custom furnishings, we produce the highest quality distinctive products which cater to your exact specifications.

We can create walls, ceilings, floors, doors, furniture, reception desks, partitions, sculptural walls, carved doors, custom barn doors, elevated floors, wood inlay floors and all architectural details. Our extensive use of wood applications and finishes include: dyed, stained, burned, carved, etched, gilded and antique finished wood.

Please contact us for an appointment, additional information, or with your project specifications. We look forward to collaborating with you.