Acid-Etched Steel M001

Hammered Stainless Steel M003

Hammered Chrome M002

Sculpted Cast Metal M004

Hammered Stainless Steel M005

Engraved Brass M006

Blackened Steel M007

Acid-Etched Stainless steel M008

Etched zinc M009

Hand Forged Bronze M010

Acid-Etched Copper M011

Copper Bronze Silver Leaf M012

Acid-Etched Copper M013

Cast Bronze M016

Blackened Steel M014

Hammered Copper M015

Cast Bronze M017

Acid-Etched Copper M018

Acid-Etched Stainless steel M019

Acid-Etched Copper M021

Acid-Etched Copper M020

Silver Oxidized Steel M022

Blackened Steel M023

Acid-Etched Brass M024


Master Fabrication Studio creates metal fabrications for all your project needs. Whether you are looking to create sculptural metal stairs, blackened steel doors, a stainless polished fireplace or a custom kitchen counter-top, we will create the highest quality and distinct architectural fabrication to cater to your exact specifications.

Our projects include fabricating and installing: wall panels, railings, stairs, floors, doors, partitions, ceilings, furnishings, lighting, fixtures, hardware and small architectural details.

We work in stainless steel, iron, brass, bronze and copper. Our techniques include: forging, casting, blackening, etching, acid-etching, dying,  silver oxidizing, brushing, staining, plating, power coating and blasting.

Please contact us for an appointment, additional information, or with your project specification. We look forward to collaborating with you on your present and upcoming work.