project: Cast glass - LUMINESCENT Bar


project: Cast glass and Blackened steel bar

project: Art Glass- mahogany Wood partitian


Gilded Art glass


Project: interior glass - Two-way antique mirrored glass


Project: Two-way mirrored glass


Project: cast glass sink


Project: Gilded glass wall panels - float glass


Project: cast glass kitchen cabinets


Project: Glass art - Mirrored cast glass walls

Project: Bronze and hand-blown glass pendant


Project: gold crackled mirrored pendants


Project: cast glass floor lighting


Project: crackled glass pendants


Project: glass art -Gilded glass shower partitian


Project: mirrored pendant - silver



With our extensive glass fabrication studio we are skilled to handle all projects with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are experts in casting glass, sand-blasting, gilding, etching, hand-blowing, slumping, tempering and specialty finishing of mirrors for all your glass projects.


Translating a drawing into a physical work requires an understanding of materials, techniques, and engineering. With our New York glass fabrication facility and artisan team, we are equipped to fabricate glass for all size projects and when needed to install. 

Our experienced in-house team manufactures every piece from start to finish, while maintaining an uncompromising standard of quality and precision.

Our most recent projects include fabricating and installing:  partition walls, luminous walls, sculptural walls, inlays, glass floors, hand-blown lighting, cast lighting, furniture, mirrors, sinks, mosaic and small architectural details.


As a solution based Fabrication Studio, Master offers his clients endless possibilities from casting glass, sand-blasting, gilding, etching, hand-blowing, slumping, tempering and antiquing mirrors.

Our studio harnesses old world and state of the art techniques which deliver true artisan durable glass fabrications. Various applications have allowed Master Fabrication Studio to explore the many unique forms and diverse uses of glass,  a medium which allows for infinite possibilities in shape, size and color.

Whether it is a small architectural detail or a large scale project, we understand aesthetics, durability and sustainability in the final design. We work side by side with our clients to ensure that their artistic vision is realized.