Hand-Carved Carrara CE001

Venetian Plaster CE003

Brass-inlaid Terrazzo CE002

Seamless Limestone CE004

Seamless Limestone Carrara CE005

Carved Carrara CE007

Dyed Stucco CE009

Dyed Concrete CE006

Seamless Limestone CE008

Gilded Plaster CE012

Black Venetian Plaster CE010

Seamless Limestone CE013

Seamless limestone Carrara CE015

Plaster CE011

Hand-Carved Carrara CE014

Stucco CE016

Venetian Plaster CE017

Concrete CE019

Dyed Concrete CE021

Seamless Carrara CE018

Dyed Concrete CE020

Dyed Encaustic CE022

Pigmented Concrete CE023

Plaster CE024


Master Fabrication Studio creates cementitious fabrications and applications with an eye to the past and a vision towards the future. 

Master CEO Joe Ginsberg, with his team of traditionally trained assistants will expertly handle any fabrication project with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our techniques include: poured concrete, dyed concrete, acid-etched concrete, gilded concrete, cast concrete, stucco, dyed stucco, authentic Venetian plaster, pigmented plaster, gilded plaster, marmarino plaster, fresco, encaustic, seamless limestone, cast limestone, seamless Carrara limestone, hand carved Carrara marble and terrazzo.

Please contact us for an appointment, additional information, or with your project specifications. We look forward to collaborating with you on your present and upcoming work.