Antiqued Mirror G001

Cast Glass G003

Mirrored Cast glass G002

Multi dimensional Gilded Glass G004

Acid-Etched Gilded Glass G005

Cast Glass G007

Two-way mirror G009

Cast Glass G006

Acid-Etched Platinum Leaf Glass G008

Dyed Laminated Glass G010

Patinated Mirror G011

Acid-Etched Gilded Glass G013

Acid-Etched Glass G015

Hand-blown Glass G012

Laminated botanical Glass G014

Dyed Cast Glass G016

Splochy Glass G017

Cast Glass G019

Cast Glass G021

Sandblasted Cast Glass G018

Cast Glass G020

Gilded Glass G022

Silver Leaf Glass G023

Gilded Glass G024


Master fabricates glass for all your project needs. Whether it’s creating a mirror, stairs, partitions, floors or a back-splash, we  produce the highest quality distinctive creations which cater to your exact specifications.

With our New York glass fabrication studio and artisan team, we are equipped to fabricate in a wide range and install when required. As a solution based Fabrication Studio, Master offers their clients endless possibilities from casting glass, sand-blasting, gilding, etching, hand-blowing, slumping, fusing, tempering and custom antiquing.

Please contact us for an appointment, additional information, or with your project specifications. We look forward to collaborating with you.