We are constantly developing new materials and techniques to add to our materials' library and fabrication portfolio. Our studio strives to create the next innovation in metal, glass, wood, artisan plaster and cementicious materials to help you achieve your design vision.

Our projects include the fabrications and applications of stairs, floors, doors, walls, partitions, panels, ceilings, furniture, lighting, fireplaces and all architectural details.

Master's CEO, Joe Ginsberg leads his creative team on each project with craftsmanship, design sensibility and budget requirements to satisfy all clients. With his expertise of combining materials in fabrication, our studio is an easy one-stop-shop for designers, architects, private clients and contractors.

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Our custom Fabrication Studios are located in the New York area, encompassing a glass-blowing/casting studio, metal, wood and cementicious facilities, making it easy to facilitate projects of any scope, handling large production runs.


With a professional team of artisans, graphic designers, project managers and installers, we approach every project with craftsmanship, design sensibility and attention to budget requirements. Our commitment to details can be found in our innovation, artisanship, engineering and material expertise.

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