Project: cast glass luminiscent bar

Project: Bronze bar pendant



Master Fabrication Studio is highly experienced in all areas of lighting fabrication and design.  We believe that custom lighting has to be done to perfection and with our team of glass blowers, gilders, wood-carvers and metal smiths, we can create all types of lighting, using distinct unique materials for hospitality, commercial and residential use. 

Our custom residential, commercial and industrial lighting fixtures are produced in our fabrication studios, where we do the fabrication, complete engineering, mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as testing. 

Our expertise includes hand-blowing, casting, forging, gilding, etching, carving and any combination of techniques. Our fabrication studio has the capability to work on any size project as well as product runs. 

Project: Custom hand blown 30 lights chandelier


Project: Custom hand-blown mirrored and crackled pendants

Project: Custom hand-blown pendants


Project: cast glass floor light


Project: bronze and hand-blown glass pendant

Project: blackened steel pendant


Project:  Laser-cut hotel room signage


Project: cast glass BACK-LIT kitchen cabinets 




Project: Custom hotel corridor lighting

Project: mirrored custom pendants


Project: Bronze custom bar pendant


Project: custom restaurant lighting


project: cast bronze and hand-blown pendant


Project: glass bedside pendants

Project: custom store pendants

Project: hand-blown pendant hallway chandelier

Project: custom hand-blown table lamps